Let's start playing again!

Actors-animators and stilt walkers of the Shoe Theater, dressed up in striped swimming suits, as being swimmers in the 30s, invite children and adults to play with them tranditional and contemporary games:




To jump over skipping ropes and rubber bands.

To play "mila".

To close their eyes and play blindman's buff.

To roll on huge balls.

To play dexterity games with little balls.

To race each other wearing sacks.

To recall and suggest games they used to play when they where younger...


In the end, the "players" receive little souvenir gifts from the artists.


Furthermore, it may be part of the welcoming of the audience before the beginning of a sports event, a concert or any other artistic event.



Artistic Director :

Valentina Papadimitraki

Stage design-Costumes: Emma Molle

Petros Giorkagis, Yannis Logothetis,
Irene Liokoukoudaki,
Alexandros Papadimitrakis,
Dina Stamatopoulou, Sophia Stilianou,
Alexia Fotiadou, Giorgos Charonitis