Federico G. Lorka
The spell of the butterfly

F.G.Lorca is poetically narrating the adventure of a butterfly with broken wings that fell into a beetle nest. The son of the beetle-mother falls in love with her but when she recovers she flies away deserting the poor love-struck beetle boy.

Traditional Greek folk dances, songs and tunes mingle with the poetry of the Spanish bard on stage, all attuned in a continuous flow of sounds, rhythmic movement and live music with bagpipes, the fife, the lute and the violin.

Translation: Iulia Iatridou
Stage Adaption-Direction: Valentina Papadimitraki
Set and Costumes: Emma Molle
╠usic Selection:
Hariton Haritonidis - Valentina Papadimitraki
Director's Assistant: Adrianos Doukas
Photography: Giohana Veber

Irene Liokoukoudaki
Sofia Stylianou
╠yrto Papadopoulou
Peter Giorkantzis
╩yriakos Mertzanis
┴lexia Fotiadou

Hariton Haritonidis bagpipes - fife
┴lexandros Papadimitrakis oud
Peter Giorkantzis violin


"The Spell of the Butterfly" can be presented in your own place.
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