new production

Kanela and Dyosmaraki
[Cinnamon and Mint]

Inspired by an extract of the novel
"Momo" by M. Ente

"Kanela and Dyosmaraki " is a modern fairy tale with tunes and songs from the Greek folk tradition.

Kanela lives alone in the the land of Yesterday .
Dyosmaraki reigns in the land of Tomorrow .
The two heroes will seek for each other.
Unexpectedly, they will meet in the land that is bound to link them.

The participation of children-spectators is a principal feature of the show. A girl and a boy from the audience become Kanela and Dyosmaraki of the fairy tale. At the same time, all the young spectators are enjoying a panorama of traditional games, such as blind man's buff, the traditional roller-skate etc.

Songs from Volaka in Drama, Mantamado in Lesvos , or Ambelakia at Evros take children to a trip in time, through the memory of the past and the hope for the future.

Text: Aristea Kondrafouri
Direction: Valentina Papadimitraki
Set &Costumes: Emma Molle
Music Selection: Hariton Haritonidis
Valentina Papadimitraki
Instrumentation: Petros Giorkantzis
Director's Assistant: Nina Adamopoulou
Puppet's Handling: Aristea Kontrafouri
Video: Maria Pesli
Photographs: Katerina Tzigotzidou,
Kostas Baboulas

Erini Liokoukoudaki / Sofia Stylianou

Puppet's Animation:Yannis Logothetis

Alexandros Sigalos fife - guitar
Yannis Logothetis
oud - guitar

"Kanela and Dyosmaraki" can come to your school
For bookings call (+30) 210.9836243 , 6945032304

Kanela and Dyosmarakaki can be found in the form of a book containing a cd by Kedros publications.