Upon a rose bush
A performance based on the popular fable "The Snake"

Before the show, the group organises workshops for the children. In teams of 20 - 30, the young spectators have the possibility of playing with self-made musical instruments, face painting, playing theatrical games and learning songs, that they will hear later during the performance.

The show begins with the actors and the musicians inviting the audience to follow them into the space where the fairy tale will be presented.


An experienced animator - narrator introduces the public into the subject and the atmosphere of the fairy tale.

Actors and musicians with funny masks pop out through and round the audience singing and teasing the spectators making them in that way active parts of the fairy tale that will follow.

The outcome of the story as well as all the intermediate stages are determined by the children. Different versions of the story are presented depending on the choices of the children who will have to get on stage at some point and play a key-role that will bring the fairy tale to an end.

Songs and melodies, singing-games and customs from all over Greece enrich the interactive performance, which, interpreted lively by the actors - musicians - singers, tempt the spectators to sing and dance with them.

Theatrical adaptation-Direction : Valentina Papadimitraki
Sets and Costumes : Emma Molle
Mask made by : Afrodite Pournari
Music Selection : Hariton Haritonidis - Valentina Papadimitraki

Korina Apostolopoulou
Peter Giorkantzis
╩yriakos Mertzanis
Sofia Stylianou
┴lexia Fotiadou

Hariton Haritonidis bagpipes - fife
Vasilis Ziakas accordion
┴lexandros Papadimitrakis oud - lute - percussions

Korina Apostolopoulou

The fairy tale "Upon a rose bush" can be presented at your place.
For Bookings : (+30) 210.9836243 6945032304