Zoi Valasi
a folktale with traditional tunes and songs



It is a folktale from Epirus written down by author Zoe Valasi by word of her grandmother's mouth, adapted for a show addressing both young and old.

Combining speech, music and rhythmic movement, the folk-oral tale, the traditional song, dance and instruments meet on stage. All attuned in a continuous flow of sounds, movement and colours.




Text: Zoi Valasi
Stage Adaption - Direction: Valentina Papadimitraki
Set and Costumes: Emma Molle
Music Selection: Hariton Haritonidis - Valentina Papadimitraki
Photograph: Athina Paraoulaki- Gioula Voulgari


Irene Liokoukoudaki
Petros Giorkantzis
Kyriakos Mertzanis
Sofia Stylianou
Aleksia Fotiadou
George Haronitis

Hariton Haritonidis bagpipes - fife
Vasilis Ziakas accordion
George Haronitis - Petros Giorkantzis dauli

Irene Liokoukoudaki

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